Marketing Affiliate Franchise – The franchisee is given the Exclusive Franchise or license to market and promote the international education, visas & immigration services in a designated location with the full complement of Tanishka Overseas pursuant to the terms & conditions of a covering franchise agreement.

Our franchise fee is much lower and affordable compared to most business franchises. Moreover, there is no price increase in franchise fee on renewal and no royalty fee is charged to the franchises since we consider them long term partners in business – not just franchises.

Each franchise business is independently owned and managed. You will be your own boss. You make the decision. You are financially and operationally independent.


As we firmly believe that local business ownership, management and knowledge of the market are the keys to business success, we seek franchises in all key cities in the India as well in other countries who can partner with us in promoting and providing international education & immigration consulting services in their assigned territorial coverage under an Independent Business Franchise Agreement. We carefully select our franchises to be assured that we only work with people who share our philosophy in conducting the business in a professional, legal, ethical, honest and responsible manner and who has the passion for excellence in client services.

There is an ongoing and never ending demands for this business due to the ever increasing number of people (professionals, self employed, business people, new graduates & students) intending to pursue global education, career advancement and migration opportunities in various countries in search for better lives or simply re-unite with their families abroad. The Family based migration provides continuous flow of clients especially from fiancé(e), spouse, partner, child, parent & other family members who wish to join their families in various countries. When they became immigrants or citizens, it will now be their turn to sponsor or petition for immigration their remaining family members.
The Skilled Migration as well as the Migration thru the Education Pathway (Study-Work-Migrate) program are considered the most popular pathways among professionals, self-employed, new graduates and students wishing to pursue career advancement & migration opportunities currently available in Canada, Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Europe & Rest of World hence, considered market rich. The big volume of visa applications lodged daily to the different embassies & consulates will give you an idea of the potential of the business While the visas and immigration process are designed to be transparent and open in most countries, the reality is that it is continuously complex, ever changing and far from being straight forward. Because of this, most applicants prefer to retain the services of an immigration consulting firm who has the integrity, knowledge and expertise to assist them through the maze of complex application process and at the same time improve their chances for visa success. This business however, is not for everyone. Many has attempted to jump into this business but failed flatly due to lack of know how in operating the business.

Wehave adopted an "open market"" policy which means that you can set up and operate a franchise business office anywhere in the region. For other key cities & provinces, we usually grant a "master territorial franchise" which will give you an exclusive license for the entire city or province where you can operate your main office, set up branches, appoint marketing affiliates & agents.

• Protected territory for the franchise business for Exclusive or Master Franchise • Inquiry Management & Visa file Tracking Software portal access for Transparency & 24 X 7 updates • Continues business training, business systems and management supports • Franchise Operations Manual (For Business Franchises) – Contains guides in setting up, developing and operating the franchise business including pre-operational and operational guides (e.g. marketing & promotions, financial and administrative), business systems & procedures, (step by step business process) plus sample forms & documents and promotional materials. • Visas & Immigration Information Guides & Updates (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK & Other Countries)– To be regularly provided to you as you operate your franchise business based on the guidelines provided by the concerned visa or immigration offices. If need be, a meeting may be arranged. • Access to the Company’s Study Abroad Programs – Subject to established policies • Co-Counseling Option (For Business Franchisee) –– This option is available at anytime that the business franchisee requires our firm's assistance on specific client cases that they handle. To avail of the co-counseling option, the business franchisee has to retain our firm as its consultant. Under this option, our firm (as the consultant) shall provide the agreed services and advice exclusively to the franchise business (as the client company) - not to its client (applicant) or any third parties. This option is considered helpful during the formative stage of the operations of the franchise business. Eventually, the business franchisee is expected to avail of this option only on complex or big volume of cases that the business franchisee requires assistance. • Use of our business name or brand - The business franchise will use its own business name and identify the same as an Tanishka Overseas Business Affiliate or Trained Partner if they wish.

• Submission of Expression of Interest – including your desired location and professional and/or business background. We will make an initial evaluation, check if your preferred location is available and then schedule a discussion about the franchise program. • Discussion on the franchise program terms and conditions • Signing of Business Franchise Agreement and Franchise fee payment • Completion of Stage 1 Training (Setting Up, Developing & Operating the Business) • Registered Business - With the required permits, own office (about 300 sq. feet), necessary communication facilities (telephone, fax and computer with high speed internet & scanner) and at least one (1) Office Assistant. This may be done after signing the franchise agreement since the franchise terms allows 30 extra days to complete the business registration process

Starting and operating an international education, visas & immigration services consulting business entail much lower capital investment & operating costs compared to most businesses. For one, there are no costs is incurred for inventories, equipments & machineries, warehousing &neither maintenance nor accounts receivables to maintain. Manpower costs is also low as there is no need to hire a big number of personnel. Agents are appointed on " commission" basis. Aside from the franchise fee, you will need to initially invest in capital expenditures like office rental deposits, renovations, acquisition of office furnitures & equipments (computer, fax printer & scanner) including installation of communication facilities to set up the business. Once the business become operational, you will have to spend for monthly expenses like office rental, salaries (for at least 1 staff), taxes (Non-VAT), advertisements and promotions, communications, office supplies and utility expenses.

For franchise business, the main income streams will be generated from professional’s fees (for study abroad and visas &immigration cases) including revenue splits from IELTS & French language review fees paid by clients to us. For marketing affiliate franchises, the main source of income will come from hefty revenue splits on professional fees (for study abroad and visas & immigration cases), IELTS and French language review fees paid by clients including revenue split on commissions for student placements paid by a partner college / University specifically assigned to the franchise

Your success starts with your desire to succeed coupled with your commitment to invest in yourself and in this global business opportunity. If you believe that this is the right business for you, we can discuss the best way for you to own and start your franchise business in your preferred location. Once a decision is reached, we can proceed with the signing of the franchise agreement, payment of the franchise fee and immediately schedule your Stage I training preparatory to the setting up of your franchise business.

Training and Orientation The training and orientation is undertaken in two (2) stages as discussed below: Stage I Training | Guides in Establishing, Developing & Operating the Business - This will cover relevant guides in establishing, developing and operating the business including marketing & promotions, administrative and business operations (business process, sample forms & documents) aspects. Stage II Training | Providing Study Abroad, Visas & Immigration Guides and Updates – These will be regularly provided to the franchises as they operate their franchise business as part of the on-going support. For better appreciation and understanding of these study abroad, visas & immigration guides and updates, the business franchisee may request for a discussion. We wish to underscore however, that these only serve as informational guides based on existing immigration rules and visa office guidelines and do not constitute advice on the actual clients cases that you handle. If you want our firm to assist you on actual clients cases that you handle, you may avail of the co-counseling option.

Never before has this kind of global business opportunity in the exciting and financially rewarding international education, visas & immigration consulting fields – one of the fastest growing global businesses today. This is the Business which does not require huge investment but gives Huge Profit, Reputation and Recurring Business referrals too. I am sure you will agree with us that an individual can survive or run his business successfully for even Visitor Visa / Student Visa for only one country / Immigration (PR) / Investor Visa for any one county. But here you will get entire portfolio under one umbrella. Not only multiple businesses but you will have an opportunity to work on multiple Countries too. Even we help our partner to develop their own partner network from Passport / Travel Tourism business segment. Here one can share small amount of commission and get continuous business / Profit from channel. This business is NOT for everyone, it might be for YOU. The door is now opened for you to start your own franchise business with the Tanishka Oversea If you believe that this is the right business for you, contact us so that we can discuss the franchise program and best ways for you to set up and operate your franchise business in your preferred location.